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  • Vaccination Services
  • Vaccine Response Monitoring
  • Adverse Effects Testing & Prognosis
  • Complement Govt Vaccination Efforts
  • Outreach
  • Storage & Distribution Backup for MoH

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Our Vision

To be a center of excellence for integrated and people-centered access to vaccines and vaccine research in the region.

Our Mission

To develop local capacity to support the health sector in the delivery of sustainable access to quality vaccines and research services in the region.

Our Objectives

To offer vaccination services to all Ugandans with a special focus on the private sector.

To develop Local capacity to support the ministry of health in storage and distribution of vaccines.

To support and complement the ministry of health Covid-19 vaccination program.

Our Facilities

Get the best service at our spacious vaccination center in Kampala

Our Partners

To provide the best and authentic service, we have great partners to make it